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insert_drive_fileDo I need any paperwork for my appointment?
No paperwork is required prior to your appointment; however, the state mandates that all pets receiving services must have up-to-date Rabies vaccinations. If you do not have paperwork citing such vaccinations have been administered, we are more than happy to call the vet where the vaccines were provided in order to verify compliance.
location_onWhere is the salon located?
Our salon is located at 640 W Lancashire Blvd in the Village Center complex of Bella Vista.
phoneHow can I get in contact with the salon?
We are reachable via a few different methods:
  • Phone: 479-553-7280
  • Facebook: Our Official Page
  • Messenger: Via Facebook or from the icon in the bottom right corner of this website
helpMy pet does not have an updated Rabies vaccine. Can I still receive service?
Unfortunately, without proof of an updated Rabies vaccination administered by a licensed veterinarian, we will be unable to provide any services to your pet. If your pet has received a Rabies vaccine but you do not have the paperwork, we will be happy to call the vet clinic where your pet received the vaccine to verify compliance. Physical Rabies vaccine paperwork is NOT required.
location_cityDo you provide boarding?
Our salon does not provide boarding; however, our salon partner Mary's Menagerie, does!
petsDoes your salon groom *breed*?
We are able to groom most dog breeds and have a wide variety of experience with a vast assortment of breeds. No matter what breed your furry friend is, we have most likely groomed his or her breed before!
petsDoes your salon groom cats?
Yes we do! Our salon now offers cat grooming by two of our experienced groomers.
attach_moneyDo you accept credit / debit cards and checks?
We are able to accept most credit and debit cards as well as checks and cash as payment for all services.